Sunday, 1 February 2015

Charnos XeLence

I was recently sent some amazing tights to review by Charnos. They were super kind and sent me the 15 denier black and beige as well as some beautiful spot print ones and a 50 denier pair too!


The tights have been specially designed and made for larger dress sizes. They cover sizes 16-32 an I can honestly say they are true to size which most of you will know is hard to find when it comes to tights.

The band on the top of the tights is really soft and it doesn't roll over and become uncomfortable like I have found with other tights. The cherry on the top on these amazing tights is the thigh area. They use a higher denier yarn here to help reduce chafing and make the tights last longer. I have had a fair few pairs over the years wear so thin in this area so I think it's great that Charnos took the time to think about this in their design.


These tights have great stretch I'm wearing the 22-26 and there is loads of room in there!
At the moment the range only goes up to 50 denier but I would love to see these in a 80 or 100 denier which would be perfect for the cold weather we are having at the minute.


There are a few places online you can get your hands on these including UK tights who seem to have to full range available. These are fabulous tights and i love them!


  1. I'll have to check these tights out. The only ones I've found that last and fit well are Evans', and they can be so pricey. xx

    1. They have a better fit for me than evans Id just love to see some thicker ones xx

  2. Swit swoo! You and the tights both look great. xx

  3. You look lovely in those tights dear


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