Friday, 5 October 2012

Going to the zoo zoo zoo

I absolutely love the zoo its one of my favourite places to be so on our day off me and the mr headed to Chester zoo. I had the most fantastic time it was a great day out. I was so happy to see that my favourite of all the animals the Tapirs were out and about and having their dinner when we when to their enclosure. I took a lot of (pictures 247 to be exact!) so i thought I'd share some of them with you.
I haven't don't an outfit post but you will be seeing this dress in a future post. Sorry about all the pictures but i do love animals so even though their not fashion (and should never be unless it's the faux fur variety) I'm including them because i love them and this blog is full of things i love :)

chester zoo 1
Me and the Mr with a stone elephant, rhino and meerkats

chester zoo 2
The mr,tapirs,tapirs and capybara and me very excited that the tapirs were out

chester zoo 3
Painted dogs,otter statue,salamander and flamingos

chester zoo 4
Penguin poster,penguins,elephants and sitatunga

chester zoo 5
Kamodo dragon,lizard,dart frog,lizard

chester zoo 6
I should mention that Chester zoo has a dinosaur exhibit on at the min there obviously
aren't any really dinosaurs there :P
And obviously i couldn't come away from the zoo without buying furry gifts for people.

 I love the zoo there are so many i want to go to i can't wait to see them all.
Have you been to the zoo recently?


  1. How sweet you are...:)) You like all animals like me.. That is great..:))
    I wish I would be that zoo..:))
    Happy happy weekend..:))

  2. not recently... but im gonna make my bf take me now :D hahah

  3. I want to see the dinosaurs! I went last summer and there was mention of the dinosaur exhibit but they hadn't built it.
    Chester zoo does have to be my favourite, there's just so much space for the animals to move around in and they're not cramped at all.

    1. They are only there till 4th November so you need to go soon its fab you'll have a great time xx

  4. I love animals and love going to zoos as you know. I've never been to Chester Zoo as it's miles from me, but one of my college friends did his work experience there. It's so funny how you love Tapirs as much as me (love your excited face! haha); most people don't know what a tapir even is but they've been my fave for a really long time. Can't beat a day at the zoo xx

    1. It's quite a way from us a 2 hour drive but deff worth it it was great :) tapirs rule xx


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