Friday, 19 October 2012

The A to Z of me

I saw this post on the lovely Louise's blog and thought i;d give it a try. So if you want to read more about me read on…
The A to Z of me…..

Age - 25
Bed size - Double, and its no where near big enough as i do like to starfish so the poor mr doesn't get much room!
Chore you hate - Everything but ironing and hoovering are top of the list
Dogs - I don't have one but buy mum has two currently, nescafe and tetley

Essential start to the day - A lie in and a cup of tea and if we have them giant maryland cookies
Favourite colour - Can i choose polkadot or leopard print?! if not then probably purple but I'm not really drawn to a particular colour
Gold or silver - Silver
Height - 5 foot 4 and 1/2 inches, that 1/2 is very important to me!
Instrument you play - When i was at junior school i played the recorder and was in recorded club but got kicked out for writing the notes onto the music sheet rather than learning them! after that i was only ever allowed to play the triangle
Job title - Sales, moving swiftly on
Kids - Nope and not wanting any
Live - In the uk up north
Mothers name - Anita
Nickname - Parker this is due to my very nosey nature, i really hate not knowing whats going on for this reason i don't like surprises either.
Overnight hospital stays - I can't remember exactly 2 i think, once when i was very young and had and allergic reaction to an injection
Pet peeves - Spitting, being rude, shouting nasty things at strangers, people who think your body is their business and too many more to mention
Quote from a movie - I have the worst memory ever i can watch a film and they re watch it months later  and not know a thing that is happening so i don't remember many i do love Forest Gump so i'll quote from there as it's pretty memorable, life is like a box of chocolates you never know what your gonna get.
Right or left handed - Right handed
Stores you love - Tesco,ASOS,Primark,Evans,Simply be,Ax paris, Excite clothing,Yours
Time you wake up - As late as possible if I'm on an early shift i only wake up 20-25 mins before i have to set off, i really love my bed if you haven't noticed! if its the weekend i usually wake up naturally around 9
Underwear - Yes i wear it but i never match ever
Vegetables you hate - Mushrooms and tomatoes they are both awful
What makes you run late - Traffic I'm never late setting off and rarely late getting somewhere but sometimes traffic holds you back
X-rays you've had - Just the one when i was younger and knelt on a pin but only pulled half of it out
Yummy food you make - Coffee cake (for the mr i hate coffee) cupcakes and cookies mostly sweet things
Zoo animals - As you know from previous posts i love animals but tapirs are my ultimate favourite

Has anyone else done a post like this i'd love to read them?


  1. Hi!

    I've just been having a blast reading through your blog. I, in a fit of writer's block, wrote some random things about myself here:

    Anyway, off to follow you.

    Congratulations on your six month anniversary!

    1. thank you glad you like it :) i have just read your post i hope your still checking your credit card bills i can't believe some of the things people will steal your card to buy ! thank you for the follow i love your site. xx


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