Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A crafting good time

I though it had been a while since you have a truly cheesy blog title, you know you love them :P
I buy quite a lot of costume jewellery especially rings and brooches and i recently decided to have a go at a bit of crafting and make some myself. I have quite a childlike taste in my accessories, all things animals, hello kitty and ponies go into my basket.
I thought i'd share with you a few of the things I've made recently. The brooch back and rings i got from ebay and the other bits from shops when I've been out and about.

Red bow brooch, Gingham reindeer brooch
and ring and felt reindeer face brooch

All brooches, sunglasses, cat face, monster and pizza n chips

Cat ring, teapot brooch, dog face ring, gingham heart brooch, cupcake ring

All brooches, hello kitty old man character, hello kitty, my little pony
I really have fun making these and i think they brighten up my plain cardigans. I hope you like them too.

Everything I've made so far has gone into this empty she said beauty box, they are great for storage! But i'll need another one soon as this one is nearly full.
Do you make any of your accessories i'd love to see them?


  1. These are gorgeous! I lovelovelove the teapot and gingham reindeer ones <3
    You should sell them, you'd make a mint xx

    1. Thank you :) I'm not sure anyone would want to buy them I might add a few to my selling blog maybe? Xx

  2. they are so lovely, you should do a post showing us how to do it.x

  3. I love that teapot, monster, and my little pony brooches, they're just so cute :D x

    1. Thank you I love the my little pony one the best too xx

  4. I don't make accessories per se, but I have my own website where I sell pin badges. I love the my little pony brooch and the gingham reindeer best. xx

    1. Very nice have you got a link to it on your blog ? I'm off to look now :) thank you xx

  5. These are amazing! I think we have similar accessory tastes; quirky and childish haha. I especially love the gingham heart and reindeer, the tea pot, and bow. Did you get ideas for these from the Tatty Devine book? xx

  6. my faves are the my little pony ones I may have to buy one from you when I'm back - do you think you could make one for me?


  7. They are fantastic! Absolutely LOVE the Hello Kitty and Pony brooches..any for sale?!


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