Sunday, 7 October 2012

Stop spending october week 1

So how did weeks one go for me? Not too badly actually although if I'm honest I've been deleting all sales related emails from shops and i haven't checked on any clothes websites all week. I find it much easier to take myself out of a situation than to resist temptation. I did however go to the shopping centre with my mr and decided to have a nose in new look. Where i saw this

I did take a picture in the changing rooms but it didn't come out right. Yes i know i tried it on just to really tease myself! The dress was £24.99 and had the cutest scottie dog print all over it.
So that's £24.99 saved go me!!!
If you want to join in or see who else is involved go to Lucy's blog and have a read.
Have any of you joined in how much have you saved?


  1. I tried this dress on the other day with Laura, and thought of you! Well done on not buying it!

  2. Well done for resisting temptation. I bet it was really hard because that dress looks so cute. If I'd come across a dress with scottie dogs on it I wouldn't have left empty handed without being dragged away first! xx

    1. It really was ! The print is so cute and lovely maybe it will be in the sale once I've done xx


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