Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Simply Be Yourself

Simply Be have a new video up on their You Tube channel which is all about embracing positivity and idividuality if you haven't seen it yet here it is below or click this link

Simply Be are all about making you feel great and letting you show off your personality in their wide range of styles, including that amazing mermaid dress!
This video is all about being confident and true to yourself something that we should all aim to be. I really love this video and think it gives a great message. You can join in on twitter with the hashtag #SimplyBeYourself share your stories and thoughts on the video and let Simply Be know what you think.
I was sent a press release with a link to the video which included a quote from Charlotte the PR Manager at Simply Be, who is honestly one of the loveliest people I've ever met. The quote was so lovely i wanted to share it with you too,
"We hope that in some small way we can make a difference and help women realise that they are amazing just the way they are."
I couldn't agree more with what Charlotte has said, you are different to anyone else and that makes you perfect, so own who you are and rock it !

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