Monday, 23 December 2013

Party On!

It's that time of year when you get together with all your office friends for the work Christmas party. I was sent the Christmas party stereotypes by Curvissa and I recognised quite a few of these as people in my office. I am mix of the over dresser and the gossip, I love nothing more that putting on an over the top dress and giggling over the office gossip! And i know a few people who would probably put me as the most drunk too, although i try not to be this one too often as the hangovers are killer!

Some might say head to toe velvet and killer heels is a bit much for a glass of the fizzy stuff and a plate of finger food but I say never! I love to dress up and Christmas party's are definitely an excuse to put on my glad rags. 
According to Curvissa as the over-dresser i am,
Someone misinterpreted the dress-code… awkward! She'll be wearing an extravagant style prom dress, too much fake tan,festive nails and overly high heels; probably not the best code of conduct if your office do is in the local bowling alley.
That sounds about right apart from the fake tan, I've always overdressed even as a child running around in the middle of summer in my nans high heels,pearls and faux fur coat!

Now as the gossip according to Curvissa i am also,
This tittle-tattle talker can be found wide eyed, speaking in hushed tones to anyone that will listen stating "that so-and-so was spotted with that guy from the third floor". Bubbly and confident, this Christmas-party loving animal will definitely be festively fashioned. You might notice some tinsel wrapped around her ala a tinsel-boa or oversized snowman earrings, so if you hear the rustling on Christmas decorations, beware the gossip queen.
I'm definitely bubbly and confident and quite the party animal when i get going, but although i do love a gossip there are much worse I'm my office several men included!

It's doesn't take me too long to actually get ready but choosing what to wear can add hours onto my prep and leaves my room looking like the wardrobes have exploded. According to a recent survey it takes 21% of people from Yorkshire and the Humber 30 minutes to and hour to get ready which is about right for me if you don't include trying on 20 different dresses to find the right one! You guys in the West Midlands are super speedy with 37% getting ready in under half an hour.
I went looking for a Christmas party dress and I love this one it would be prefect your Christmas party .

I love the shoulder details and even if i am going bowling who says i can't dress to the max. I love standing out no matter what the setting, so Christams parties give me an excuse to go even further.
And as for the shoes, the higher the heel the better and if i can get some leopard print in there then that's a bonus!

So what kind of work party stereotype are you ?

Post in collaboration with Curvissa


  1. I'm definitely the over-dresser, as I love to get dressed up, and don't do jeans and a sparkly top like a lot of people just go with. Although I usually take longer than an hour to get ready! Haha! Merry Christmas, hun xx

  2. I love this!! And I am an overdresser and proud! I would rather overdress than underdress any day xxx Merry Christmas!

    1. i couldn't agree more! its always better to overdress in my opinion xx


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