Saturday, 28 April 2012

supermarket chic

I love to buy clothes from the supermarket, my favourite places to buy are asda and tesco. I love how inexpensive they can be and in most cases will offer something for us ladies over a size 18. Personally i think that tesco offers a better range of dresses, their standard collection goes up to a 22 in most styles and then there is the True collection which goes up to a size 28. I find the dresses to be a good fit for me and the fact i can buy one, or more, on my lunch break pleases me greatly but not my bank account! I love tesco dresses they are so cute and in expensive especially this one, this goes up to a 22 and is £16 its made from a jersey material so would probably fit a larger size too. I also like this one from the True collection it comes in at £14 which i think is good for this bright summery dress.
Now onto asda i mostly buy cardigans from there and have previously bought a few dresses but they seem to to stop at a 20 now in all my favourite styles. They still do larger sizes is some styles but stop at at 24 which is a little disappointing.My favourites are this leopard print day dress and this shirt dress which i think has a vintage vibe going on.

Do you enjoy a supermarket clothes shop?


  1. I am right there with you! Asda has a load of cool stuff but it only goes up to size 20! which sucks big time :( I did pick up the leopard dress and didn't think it would fit my boobs so put it back. I should have tried it on just to make sure. ah well lol x

    1. I always try on but usually come away disapointed and it's usually the boob where is doesn't fit! Maybe we'll find something similar for you to try on next week xx

  2. Those are both great, I especially like the dragonfly dress. I love finding good clothes at offbeat places, you never know what you'll find. -Holly


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