Sunday, 22 April 2012

A little black work dress

This is the second dress I got from simply be, I expected it to be more rigid but it is quite stretchy. Again I think I could have gone for a smaller size if they hadnt had mine on stock.It is sort of a thick jersey material so it won't crease, which is good because I don't iron! I decided to wear it with some colourful tights to make the outfit stand out a bit. The tights are from marks and spencers,they are quite small on the first wear but stretch out to your shape and become like a second skin. They are really comfy and I like how they can add a pop of colour to an outfit.
This dress doesn't photograph too well especially as im using my iphone, but trust me its gorgeous and definitely worth adding to your wardrobe if it's lacking a little black dress. I paired it with a red leopard print cardigan i got from torrid when i was in florida on holiday,not because i needed a cardigan but because i have to have my shoulders covered for work (crazy rule i know!) I thought I'd include a goofy picture too. How do you feel about colourful legs do you have any coloured tights?

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  1. The tights look a lot more ref in real life imo, + it was a honeymoon not a holiday stop trying to deny it lol


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