Monday, 22 September 2014

Party All Night

Here are some more outfits i recreated from Plus North as the only ones that i had taken were mirror shots in the hotel room. On Saturday night we went back to the Plus North venue, where there was music and a surprise evening fashion show. I decided to be comfy as i knew me and Lisa were planning to party hard after the event.


I wore my G21 for Asda over sized shirt which is now much less over sized after washed it (only on 30 by the way!) and my acid wash shorts from New Look.


Me and Lisa had just got to the pub after the event and in walked a Sam,Amanda,Elana and then Kerry. It was so nice to see these lovelies had come out and were in the mood to party. And party we did, although i spent quite a lot of the time on the stage dancing. Lisa thinks i spend so much time up there is because there is mirror behind it and i can see myself! She could very well be correct :)
I had a fab night and i really didn't want it to end, these girls are so lovely and i really enjoyed meeting them and spending the night in their company.

The next outfit was a bit of a spare of the moment choice. When we went for food on Sunday with the Mr, the other girls came too and said they were thinking of going out Sunday night too as their coach back to Scotland wasn't until Monday. So me and Lisa never one to turn down a chance to dance decided to stay another night in Leeds.


And that's how the clothes swap dancing outfit was born. I got these lovely shorts from Emma as she knew how much i love my shorts. The top was from the swap and is a size 24 from New Look, it hadn't been worn and still had the tags on, so a big thanks to whoever brought that.


The top was actually much longer on the night and unless i was stood side on to you, you couldn't actually tell that i had shorts on. This again has shrunk in the wash ( i honestly don't know how i do this to all my clothes) but as it was a little on the big side to start with it hasn't affected the fit at all and i really love it.


We had a great night Sunday too although it was much quieter out than it had been on Saturday but it was lovely to spend more time with everyone i just wish the girls didn't live so far away!


  1. Argh! I hate it when stuff shrinks in the wash!
    I love the piccy of all your heads together, such purty hair!!

  2. I love the heart print shirt and shorts in the first outfit. Sounds like you had such a great time! I love that you've all got gorgeous colourful hair!! And I hate it when clothes shrink in the wash; happens all the time! xx


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