Wednesday, 17 September 2014

In The Swing

As i mentioned in my previous post i didn't get many pictures at Plus North and i also forgot to take a picture of my outfit before i set off i think i was a bit too excited to get there!
Here is what i wore on the day, although it was really hot in the event so the jacket didn't stay on for too long.


This dress is from Simply Be and by Ax Paris. I'm wearing a size 22 which is a perfect fit for me, it is a really good length, short but not short enough to flash anything. Its such a nice bright colour and the collar is just too cute. Unfortunately this dress is no longer on the website but you could try your local store if you have one.


I bought this dress when i went to the Simply Be store in Manchester and this was the first time i had worn it out. I had been worried that i would spill something down the middle of it but i managed not to somehow! I hadn't worn a swing dress before this one but know I'm a total convert i love the style so much.


This jacket has had quite a lot of wear since i first bought it. It was from New Look inspire and a size 18 as i wanted a more fitted look. i really love how all the colours looks together.


I also wore my amazing custom made Black Heart Creatives princess earrings on the day too which i love!

Have you found a style you love after thinking it wasn't for you ?


  1. I'm just never sure about swing shapes on me. I get way too self conscious I think.

  2. I LOVE the jacket, it's so pretty! The dress looks really fun, too. Fabulous outfit! :) xx

  3. This is SO cute!! I love the bright pink on you!!



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