Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Comfy Casual

I picked up this maxi dress from the Plus North clothes swap and since then i have worn it countless times. Its a size 24 which is probably a little big for me but i love how it fits me, and because it isn't fitted its perfect for running errands or a extra long day at work.


I have worn this quite a few times to work especially on days when I've been working overtime and i can confirm its one of the comfiest dresses i own. I love a figure hugging dress as much as the next person but sometimes i just want to relax in loose fitting casual wear.


I wore my Simply Be denim jacket with it as it starting to be a little chillier in the mornings these days and you never know what the temperature at work is going to be like. I really love these two together and i can see this dress getting a lot of wear.


Thanks to whoever brought this dress to the swap i love it!


  1. Lovely dress - sometimes simple is best!

  2. Love it! It makes you look super tall, too! xx

  3. You look fab and the colour really suits you! x x


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