Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Im a lucky lady

I hope you all had a lovely time over the past few days. I had an amazing Christmas day, me and the Mr got up and had coffee and tea in bed while we opened our gifts from each other, then we packed up our other presents and the presents we had bought my mum and set off to her house.
We had a great day and i loved seeing my mums face when she opened her presents, we got her a kindle as she loves to read but doesn't have the space for lots of books. We had lots of mini party foods to eat during the day as we never have a traditional Christmas dinner and enough deserts to feed a small army!
I was very lucky on the day and got lots of really amazing presents, which i am really thankful for. I thought I'd share them with you.
Here's what i got from my lovely hubby
He got me a external hard drive for my laptop, which i really wanted as I'm a bit weird and live in fear of loosing all my stuff! I also love Simon's cat so he got my a journal and a 2103 diary. The skylanders book as he says I'm obsessed but i just like playing it, i know it's more of a kids game but when it comes to gaming i definitely have a kids brain. He also got me the Clements Ribeiro mimosa trousers and top and the floral kimono dress, when i saw them last week in the sale he offered to get them for me, which was lovely.

From my mum i got the most amazing teacup and saucer, i love it and have wanted one for ages. 

The Help and Hairspray on DVD i only saw them recently on the TV and i loved them so i can't wait to watch them again.

I really love this shawl that mum got me from a vintage shop near her, and it has faux fur on it too which you all know i love!

I really love the little hat which feels lovely and fleecy and has cat ears! my mum knows me so well :) A beautiful butterfly brooch and a little tin handbag with sweets in, when I've eaten those I'm going to use it to keep my hair grips in and they always end up all over the floor.

My auntie got my a nail polish set and bumpits. Ive already used the polish and love it,it only needed 1 coat! 

Lastly i want to say a big thanks to Lolly likes for my gifts they were a complete surprise. The was a piece of banana and chocolate cake too but the mr ate that (and gave it a 10 out of 10).

I got a lovely selection including a lovely pearl necklace,2 brooches,mirror,tweezers,nail files,nail polish and lip balm.

I really love this custard ream brooch which Lolly made herself its amazing :)
Here is a very quick outfit picture from the day, i wanted to wear my new clothes straight away and went for the mimosa top and trousers.

I hope you had a great day too. 
What did you do for Christmas ?


  1. Merry Christmas! You got lots of lovely things and we are dress twins :D Glad you like your gifts and 10/10 for my Banana Bread! Eeee thanks. Love you guys xxx

    1. and a merry Christmas to you too :) love you too brett loved his brooch too but he had put his gifts away so i didn't get a picture and yes he loves that cake so much! xx

  2. Wow, you've done well this year! Glad you had a great Christmas. I can't believe you've only just seen Hairspray- I love that film. You look amazing in the Evans mimosa clothes; you always look amazing in prints. I hope you enjoy the rest of your Christmas break xx

    1. Lol I know but I hate musicals so u had resisted but once I watched it I was in love the clothes are fab! Thank you I hope to have a proper ootd up soon, and you too xx

  3. Such lovely presents, the tea cup is amazing! xox

    The Style Khaleesi

  4. LOOK AT THE HAT WITH EARS!! I blooming love it, where's it from? I may need a sneaky new year purchase ;) x

    1. I don't know my mum got it me but I know asos did a very similar one xx


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