Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Festival Ready

I am hoping to go to Leeds Festival again this year and i have been thinking about what to wear and what i will need to take with me. I seriously over packed last year and then forgot things i would need the most like socks! This time I'm hoping to take a few essentials that i can wear a few ways.
I picked up a few tshirts and a cute sweater that came in super handy last year from Asda, so thought i would check them out again to see what gems i could find.
The great thing about George at Asda is that you don't pay the earth for them so if they get muddy and stained after a few days of fun then you don't feel so bad.
I thought i would share a few of my top picks with you,
First up is this super cute leopard print tunic which would be great to wear on its own or with leggings if the weather turns a bit rubbish and its only £8 too!

Next up is this cute packable parker which is great for £10, i learnt my lesson last year as the weather changed so quickly and i ended up getting caught in a rain storm. So a jacket you can fold up and doesn't take up much room is a must for me.

Another must for any festival is wellies, last year was so muddy and they were complete life savers for me. These biker style wellingtons are funky and really different, they will be a great way to toughen up girly dresses at the festivals. 

No festival post would be complete without a pair of shorts, i took a few pairs last year but really i could have just taken the one. These denim shorts are perfect and again a complete bargain at £8.

I also like to take a few basic tops and Asda have so many to choose from but i especially like this ditsy print vest £6. I like to stock up on tops like this as they are nice and cheap and go with everything! 

What are you planning to wear at this years festivals ? Have you spotted any must buys from Asda recently?


  1. I've never been to a festival, but I've done a few outdoor gigs, and a waterproof coat or poncho is definitely a must! I still haven't got myself a mac, and have got soaked so many times or had to wear those awful clear ponchos! LOL. That waterproof is cute, and I love everything in this post. Love the dress, and those wellies are amazing! Can totally see you in all of this! A waterproof-ish bag is also a good idea. I went to one show where it rained like a monsoon, and not only did I get soaked to the skin, so did my bag and my phone didn't survive! I'd definitely recommend you get a waterproof cosmetics bag or something to put gadgets in if it's forecast for rain. xx

    1. omg if my phone died i dunno what id do! i actually took sandwich bags last year and kept stuff inside my bag in those so it kept my important stuff dry thankfully xx


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