Saturday, 19 April 2014

Fast Food Tee

I mentioned in my post on Sunday that i got the most amazing tshirt ever from Primark. I love fast food so this couldn't have been more perfect for me.


I got the tshirt in a 20 and it fits well with a little room, it's quite thin so I'm not sure how well it will wash but it was only £5 so i can't complain too much.


The print of the tshirt is only on the front the back is plain white. I'm sure i will get a few looks with this tshirt on especially as a fat girl but i don't care I'll be the one rocking pizza, cheeseburger and hotdogs!


I wore this with my Claire Richards jeans which i seriously love, they are so comfy and i have worn them countless times since i got them. The are really comfy and amazing fitting so if you struggle to find jeans that fit then i would definitely recommend these!


I also spotted ice cream prints and sweet prints in Primark too if you're sweet than savoury and at £5 they are quite a bargain.


  1. This is so cute - I love the top!

  2. I love it! It's so fun! Just give the middle finger to anyone who gives you a judging look! The jeans look like they were made for you! xx


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