Thursday, 10 April 2014

Pop In Pink

Today's post is an outfit i wore out with the Mr last week when we went to do a bit of shopping, i had bought this Simply Be jacket after seeing it on Lisa and i new i had to have it. I hadn't had chance to wear it and i really wanted to so it was the start of my outfit.


This jacket is a size 22 and fits perfectly there is room if you want to layer it but its doesn't look baggy without. On the website the jacket looks a more dusty pink but in real life is bright and vibrant and in your face! It has amazing 3/4 sleeves that are slightly gathered, and its made from a really soft jersey so it doesn't restrict you at all.


I decided to wear my bargain New Look denim skirt which i got in the sale for £7. The skirt was really comfy and easy to wear as i walked around the shops. I thought the pink really popped against the black skirt as you can see from the picture below i really love this outfit.


I really wasn't sure what top to wear with this outfit then i spotted this peplum flamingo print top that Lisa had given me. She had got it for herself but wasn't wearing it so very kindly gave it to me, we often swap clothes and accessories its great to have friends you can swap things with when you no longer wear them. I decided to tuck the peplum in as i thought it looked better with the outfit.


I couldn't mention the Mr and not include him in my post so here he is looking super handsome.


And as its been a while i thought I'd include some outtakes. Here i am grabbing my boobs although I'm not sure why! and the Mr doing his hand on hip looking away blogger pose.




  1. I do love this jacket, I can understand you wanting having seen Lisa including it as she does look amazing!!!! Still available in a 24, albeit low stock.... I may have to treat myself!!! xxx

  2. This is such a lovely outfit.

  3. Really love the top on that top and what a bargain of a skirt! x

  4. You look amazing! I love this! Flamingos are always a winner in my eyes, and they look brilliant with that blazer. <3 xx

  5. I LOVE the top and jacket, and Brett's hand on hip look is funny. Tell him James misses his face! x x

  6. Beautiful colour on you! x


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