Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Squeals of Excitement

A week or so ago i was casually browsing my usual online shopping sites when i spotted something on the Fashion World site that made me do several squeals on excitement and flap my arms about like i was trying to take off. It was a perfect pair of short dungarees, you might know that i have been searching for a pair of these in my size for ages!
I added them to my basket along with another pair of shorts which won't come for a week or so and waited with baited breath till they came.


As you can see they came and i love them!! I ordered a size 22 and they fit really well, if anything i would say they are on the generous side. They are quite light weight so they will be perfect for summer, although you know me i wear shorts no matter what the weather.


I wore these on Saturday to go shopping with Lisa and they were super comfy, you can alter the straps so that you get the perfect fit and the bottom has 2 buttons which i didn't need to use as i could slip the dungarees on without undoing them.



They also have plenty of pockets which makes me a happy lady. I decided to wear them with my glasses tshirt as i haven't worn it in a while and i do love the print. I think everyone should have a pair of these they are fabulous, they made me feel great and were so easy to wear.


I must say that Fashion World have an amazing selection of shorts at the minute i almost feel like they are designing just for me as I'm loving every pair! 


  1. Yay! You finally got a pair! They look amazing on you! They look really comfy, too. I could see them being perfect for dawdling around in the sunshine on hot summer days. xx


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