Saturday, 13 April 2013

A Chilly Spring

The weather in the UK has been awful these past few months and when we all thought it was time to pack away out winter coats along comes more snow and freezing winds!
I have a lot of faux fur coats but only one of the non furry kind so when i was contacted by Dan from Be Inspired to ask if i wanted to try a coat i jumped at the chance.
I decided to go with a beautiful black and purple double breasted coat, the description said animal print, but its quite a muted animal print so its not as in your face.

I chose this coat because i loved the colours and it was advertised as a soft touch wool mix so i hoped it would be soft and snuggly and i wasn't disappointed!
This coat is so soft its lovely to feel and had a nice black lining. It is perfect for all the rubbish weather we seem to be having at the minute.


This coat is a great length and comes to mid thigh on me, it has button fastening to the front and it also came with a black belt if you want to give it a more defined shape. I would never usually belt a coat but i really like how this one looks belted.


I was sent this coat in a size 24 i asked for a size above my usual because i always have a problem with fastening coats around my boobs but this one had loads of room and i really didn't need to size up. The arms on the coat were a little long for me but this may have been due to me sizing up as well as the fact i seem to have tiny arms!


You can get this coat here for £18.99 that's an amazing price if you ask me I've seen coats a lot more expensive than this and much lower quality. This coat is defiantly worth its money and more, its really well made and you can tell it will last a good few winters or if the weather carries on maybe summers too.


I wore the dress with my asos body con you saw in Mondays post, and black tights and heels. I also added the little cat brooch which my hubby bought me a few years ago.
I had never heard of Be Inspired before they contacted me but I'm so glad they did because i know where I'll be looking the next time a need a cute coat or jacket.
Here are a few of my favourites from the site

I love this spot print coat this one only goes up to a 20 but might fit a 22/24 depending on if you wanted to close it and only £19.99.

This coat is really classic and i love the faux fur collar again £19.99 and up to a size 24.

My final pick is this coat which is £24.99 in sizes 24-28.
Take a look at the website I'm sure you'll find something that you like and its free Uk delivery too.
Have to have to keep your winter coat out?


  1. This looks really edgy on you (the quiff goes so well!) I love it. How is it so cheap?!

  2. I'd never head of Be Inspired either but I've just been over to their website and they have lots of really lovely things. The colour of the coat you chose is gorgeous, looks dead comfy too! xx


    1. They have some great stuff don't they ? I lived the colour too that's why I picked this one xx

  3. Oooh never heard of these guys before, but that coat looks amazing! Love the print and the price point. ;p

  4. Love it! I am going to check them out! :)

    1. Me too I'm sure you'll find something that you love xx

  5. Gorgeous coat & what a bargain! xx

  6. I love the coat. I've never heard of them either but going to have a look at their site now x

  7. This coat is gorgeous and it looks great on you. Purple is so your colour! I'd never heard of Be Inspired before, but if I had the money I'd be buying this coat! xx

  8. i love this on you, suits you so well xxx


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