Sunday, 18 May 2014

My Curves and Me

I was contacted recently by My Curves and Me who asked if i would like to review a set from the site i said yes and was sent this bra and matching shorts. My curves and me is a bra and swimwear site specialising in sizes D+.
I was sent the bra in a 40G and the knickers in a 20 as that was the biggest size they had, although the knickers are a little small they are still comfy and the bra does amazing things for your boobs!


This bra is in the sale at £12.50 which is a great price for such an amazing bra. It feels really comfy and the shoulder straps are a nice size, I'm so sick of getting a cute bra only for it to be ruined by extra wide straps. It might look like a plain black bra but it has some lovely details like the sequins at the top and a subtle pattern on the shoulder straps too.


The knickers also have some great detail on them and are available in a thong too for those of you who don't like the shorts style. My curves and me also let me know about the #bodybeautiful campaign, which is great and promotes any body any size is beautiful. This is refreshing to hear as most of the time you see posts about real women having curves or articles on how to get a beach body. This is all about embracing yourself and the body that you have, everyone is different and that's the best thing about your body no one else has it!


I'm really impressed by My Curves and Me and i will definitely be heading back when i need some new underwear or for some swimwear when i finally go on holiday.


Go and check out My Curves and Me and get involved in the #bodybeautiful campaign because no matter what size or shape you are your body is beautiful.


  1. I loove your thigh tattoos and remind me so much of a tattoo I was thinking of getting of my cat. Lol

  2. You look amazing! I love the unusual side detail to the knickers. xx

    1. aww thanks lovely, yeah its really cute isn't it?! xx

  3. Ahhhhh your boobs look FABULOUS in that bra!!

    1. thanks this is now my hello boobies bra! lol xx


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