Monday, 16 September 2013

Plus North Part 2

So straight on from part 1, we got to Plus North a little earlier than we needed to but that gave me chance to chat with the lovely Chloe. She hadn't even finished setting up her stall before I'd picked these 2 beauties and decided they had to be mine!

Lisa and me spent a while chatting to everyone and generally having a giggle then it was time for me to get my model on! 
I was kindly given a bra and knicker set from Panache to wear under the outfit I would be modelling for Simply Be. Here it is,
Excuse the tape on my leg i had my tattoo
finished last week and I'm wet healing

Now lets talk about my outfit from Simply Be, it was amazing I loved it so much and I really don't think that Simply Be could have chosen an outfit that was more me! Here is a pic i took when i got home so you could see the outfit,

The top and skirt are both Anna Scholz for Simply Be and are a size 24, they are made from a thick jersey type material with some stretch. The skirt has the most amazing zip that goes all the way up the side so you can choose if you want to show a little more leg. The top is available here and the skirt is available here.
Everyone got together and waited for the catwalk to start, there was a lot of nerves and excitement as we waited to go on. Everyone looked so beautiful and it was great to see all the different shapes and sizes rocking it down the runway! I want to say a big thank you to Simply Be for giving me the chance to get my model on and being such a fab team to work with :)
Pic from the Simply Be blog

I didn't get any pictures myself but here are a few taken from some other lovelies.
Photo taken by the very talented @nickyrockets

Taken from Lollylikes instagram

Taken from Panache instagram

I loved how the top and skirt looked like a dress and when I told people they were really surprised and the fact you can wear both together or separately just makes the outfit even more perfect! 
Simply Be were very kind and let all of us keep our outfits which was amazing. I loved mine so much I kept it on for the rest of the day.
The rest of the day was spent chatting, looking at the great companies stalls and some major whooping at the other catwalk shows! Along with some time in the photo booth of course!

Me and Lisa

Me,Lisa and the lovelyCharlie

The other catwalk shows from Excite clothing,Curvissa,Yours and Evans were fab and everyone looked so amazing! Again I didn't manage to get any pics but here are some fabulous ones

Photo from Excite clothing blog

Photo from Yours blog taken by Kittie Jackson photography
I met so many amazing people far too many to list them all here! But it was great to meet new people and finally meet others who I had spoken to for so many months online.
I really did have the best time for more pics check out the #plusnorth has tag on instagram, i cannot wait to see all the picture from the event!
If you didn't go to plus north this year you missed a truly amazing day and I can't put into words how much fun you would have so make sure you come to next years.
Bring on plus north 2014! 


  1. You look amazing in that outfit! It was great meeting you again and chatting to you and Lisa, you both rock!

    1. Thank you ! It was lovely to meet you again and glad we got to chat more xx

  2. I really want to attend an event like this, it sounds right up my street. If anyone has any idea of how to attend do let me know as it sounds wicked!!

    1. You can follow them on twitter @plusnorth so you can keep up to date for next one xx

    2. I don't have twitter (yes a tad embarrassing!!)
      I will find a way to keep updated though! Gosh now I sound like a right stalker lol

    3. They have a facebook and a website too you could keep updated on there maybe? I will try to do a blog post before hand next time too so you know about it you will have a great time if you come xx

  3. Love love love love love love this outfit!

  4. It looked like such a wonderful time! Loving seeing all the photos. x x

  5. You look absolutely amazing and I really really love your big hair in the Plus North photos. Stunning. You're very brave for posting an underwear shot- though you look gorgeous with or without your clothes on! I would have loved to have gone to Plus North as it sounded like an incredible day xx

    1. Aww thanks Louise :) I love a bit of flattery lol. I hope next year you can I'd love to meet you xc

  6. You look fabulous in that AS outfit, it really does look like a peplum dress rather than two-piece.

    1. Thank you lovely :) it's amazing I love it so much! Xx

  7. Would love to have gone to something like this but it's miiiiles away! :(
    You looked beautiful and I absolutely LOVE your hair purple! xx

    1. You will have to come next year! There is plus London later this year if that is closer to you? Aww thank you beautiful xx


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