Saturday, 14 September 2013

Plus North Part 1

So I decided to split this into 3 post so that I don't end up rambling on like my mother, she's ace but boy can she talk ! :)

Last Saturday it was finally time for Plus North and I was so excited. Last years was so much fun but this years was massive, even bigger and better than before. I would like to say a big thanks to the Plus North team for making it such a great day, they worked so hard and deserve a massive pat on the back. Becky and Toni made it such a great day and even though they were so busy they always had a smile on their faces and time to say hello.
Picture from Becky's Blog

I thought I'd start part one with my Friday night. Some of the others going to plus north had booked into their hotels on the Friday, but I hadn't so Lisa came over and we had takeout and I stripped then bleached her hair, then my hubby dyed it pink. I think I did a pretty good job to say I've never dyed hair before!

On Saturday we set off for Plus North and I decided to go for a comfy casual outfit for the day. This dress was from new look and was only £14.99!

It's a stretch material and the 22 is the perfect fit for me. The dress is quite short but I'm only 5 4" so it's long enough for me to wear without tights or leggings. I also decided to take my snugly cardigan which is a large from Primark and would probably fit up to a 26 it's very generous! Not too mention perfect for to colder weather as it keeps you real warm.
I actually only ended up wearing this dress for the journey up and a an hour or so at the event but it was still perfect for the car journey and it will be great for the colder weather with leggings and a faux fur.
Me and Lisa got to the hotel that Plus North was being held at just before 11 so in we went to start a day full of fun! Part 2 coming soon !


  1. It was lovely seeing you at Plus North, you rocked the catwalk! Looking forward to your other posts. :)

  2. Can't believe you wore the dress out without tights or leggings in September- weren't you freezing? Last weekend was sooo chilly here it felt like winter! Love the dress on you and you look absolutely amazing, though, as always!

    It looked like you all had a truly amazing time at Plus North; everyone has been raving about it, and Becky and Toni should be so proud of themselves. I loved the photos of you modelling with your hair in victory rolls! You looked incredible. And you did a fab job on Lisa's hair! xx

  3. You did a lovely job on Lisa's hair! Can't wait to see the rest of your posts about it. xx


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