Friday, 4 January 2013

Twice As Nice

It seems me and Lollylikes have done it again and bought the same dress as each other. We have similar tastes so I'm not surprised it happened, in fact we have bought two dresses recently that are the same. So we decided to do joint posts so you can see how we style them and how they look on both of our shapes.
The first up is the spot print tea dress from Simply Be which is in the sale for £25 i paid £22.50 for it as i had a discount code for 10% off and free delivery. So with that i couldn't pass up the chance to use it with an order. I found the sales online really good this year and i had been lusting after this dress for quite a long time.

The dress is gorgeous and the colours are really vibrant. The material is quite thin so perfect for layering up in the winter or wearing on its own o keep cool in the summer. The sleeves are loose so there is plenty of room.


I bought this dress in my usual size 22 and its perfect! It fits my boobs with some room and has a tie back so you can get a more defined waist if you want one. I went for the standard length dress, which is  41 inches and i love the length but they also do a shorter one at 37 inches if you are short like me and prefer a higher hem line.
I wore this out to the cinema with the hubby and it was really comfy and warm thanks to the tights and cardigan.


I wore the dress with tights and headscarf from Primark and my Curvissa cardigan, then at the request of Lolly i put on some sexy shoes :) The shoes are Irregular Choice and i hadn't worn the before so i thought they deserved an outing and i think they go quite well with the outfit.

Now head over and see the gorgeous Lollylikes and how she styled the dress.
Did you get any sales bargains this year ?


  1. Oh my god that dress is amazing! *runs to simply be*

  2. Such a lovely dress. You look beautiful. Those shoes are fantastic! :)

  3. I loved this on you when i saw you in ToysRUs & those shoes are perfect! :) xxx

  4. Replies
    1. Isn't it?! I love the thin material as I think it will be perfect for summer xx

  5. Love this dress on you it is fab, and with the leopard print it is simply divine. I love how the same thing looks so different depending how it is styled. Love the shoes too, oh how i wish to walk in heels.

  6. Aww thank you lovely :) me too i love seeing the same thing on more than one person I think you get a better idea of what it's truly like xx

  7. I love it on both of you! It's one of my favourite dresses in my wardrobe because it's so pretty and wearable.
    You look gorgeous xxx

    1. It's gorgeous isn't it ?! I love you in yours it's the perfect dress xx

  8. This dress is stunning and you look lovely in it! Love it! Oh, and amazing shoes, too! xx

  9. I think your blog is beloved & you deserve a Liebester Blog Award

    Check out my Blog Awards post for more info!

  10. you + tea dress = perfect match! happy new year xoxo

  11. Those shoes are seriously awesome.


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