Sunday, 13 January 2013

The best kind of shopping

The best kind of shopping is definitely fat shopping! I was lucky enough to get to go shopping recently with some amazing ladies. We met up and went shopping in Doncaster the lovely ladies, Lollylikes,Lisa,Rebecca,Becky,Beth,Steph and Lisa were there and we had a wonderful day.
I did manage to get one picture of my outfit before i left

I wore an old Asos playsuit size 22 with Primark tights and headscarf. The playsuit is really comfy to wear but a bit of a pain to have to keep unbuttoning to try clothes on, but i never really thought about that when i picked it out to wear.
We did a lot of shopping and seemed to take over every shop we went into it was great!
So here's what i bought on the day,

From Simply Be i bought this beautiful dress for a bargain price of £6.60 due to a 3 for 2 in the sales


I also bought this dress at full price


Then from Yours i bought this cute faux fur hat for £6


Then i had some New Look vouchers to spend from xmas and bought these cute dresses. The bird print one was £9 in the sales and the other was full price at £22.99.


I had a great time with all the ladies and i was really nice to meet Becky for the first time, we had a great laugh and some good food. Although i got a lot of funny looks from the girls when i ordered a vegetable burger with a side of yorkshire pudding!
Have you been on any good shopping trips recently?


  1. Great finds and a great day!!! You will never live down your Yorkshire pud! Xxx

    1. it was a fab day :) I'm sure i won't not until someone orders something weirder! xx

  2. Sounds like you had a great time. Sadly plus size shopping in the nearest city here means...Evans and a not very good one at that! They never have anything decent when I go in. I think New Look have literally a few items in their plus-size section and I've never seen a Simply Be or Yours shop in real life : (

    1. it was really fun :) the evans there was pretty rubbish too, the one close to me has a good selection but it seems to be the exception. The simply be store is beautiful and the changing rooms are fab lots of room and mirrors :) hopefully they will open one near you soon and you can experience it xx

  3. I love love love that black maxi Simply Be dress but it was too short on me :'(
    Bet it will look amazing on you though :)



    1. its just floor length on me and I'm 5 4'' so it is quite short but its a beautiful dress. I must wear it soon! xx

  4. You look amazing in that playsuit! Really shows off your figure perfectly. Love the hair scarf, too.

    Sounds like you all had a great shopping trip, and everything looks lovely. Have to say your food choice sounds a little random. Nothing comes with a side of Yorkshire pudding down south. I wouldn't even know where to go to get some (aside from the supermarkets)! xx


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