Sunday, 4 November 2012

Who has all the faux fur?!

Well the answer to that is me ! I love the stuff i have quite a number of faux fur coats and jackets and a number of stoles. I went to the shipping center yesterday as the hubby wanted to visit the game shop, never one to shy away from a shopping trip i went along. I did have a nose around some of the clothes shops but wasn't very inspired to be honest i think the new Simply Be and Tesco dresses are so beautiful not much can come close.
We did however pop into Hotel Chocolat which is a shop i adore being a chocolate fiend. I bought myself some caramelised hazelnuts in milk chocolate and the hubby got some dark chocolate coffee beans and mocha chocolates.

After we'd got our hands on the chocolates i popped next door to Accessorize where i was very impressed they had a great selection and it was full to the brim with lovely faux fur goodies! Now i wanted to buy everything but i managed to be restrained and just picked up my two favourite things. Because my hubby is so lovely he agreed to buy me the muffler and the earmuffs too.
The lovely Amy or as you may know her smeeeff first tweeted about the wonderful faux fur earmuffs and as soon as she did i knew i needed them!
Both are available to buy from Accessorize if you like me are a lover of all things faux fur.
How do you feel about it love or hate the fake furry stuff?


  1. Ohh yes I want all of them too...:)) Your earmuffs are so so cute...:))
    And I have visited smeeeff and she has an fur earmuff so so lovely.. I wan it..!!:)))

  2. Chocolate and faux fur? Sounds like the best partnership ever! I like how cosy fur looks (but it MUST be faux or I'm not interested). The ear muffs/hood thing is really cute xx

    1. It is! I agree I hate really fur I understand that vintage fur exists but I'd never wear it and I don't believe there is any reason for real fur in this day and age xx

  3. I was desperate to get my hands on those earmuffs, the second I saw them, but when I tried them on instore, they didn't fit. They didn't reach down far enough to my ears which I felt defeated the whole purpose of keeping them cosy! They had kids ones too and to be honest there was very little difference between them (but the adults were several £'s more). I was so disappointed...maybe I have an unusually large head or something!


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