Friday, 16 November 2012

Hello kitty

On my way to visiting my mum last week i stopped in Boots and Superdrug to pick up a few bits. I thought I'd show you what i bought.
First off from Boots i decided to get myself some everyday perfume. The kind i can wear to work but that doesn't cost very much and isn't too over powering.

 The first perfume i got was the Yardley Royal English Daisy i got a sample of this in my beauty box this month and liked the light fragrance. This was on offer in Boots for £6.65 for 50ml. The second perfume is You & me and reminds me of love heart sweets. Its has a sweet fruity smell and was £2.99 for 15ml. These aren't the sort of perfumes I'd wear on a night out or at the weekend but they are good to wear for work so I'm not using my expensive ones everyday.
Then i went onto superdrug where thanks to Gemma from pinkhairedprincess I'd found out they had Hello Kitty make up in stock. Now you might not know but i love Hello Kitty and i really struggle not to buy everything with her cute little face on! 

While i as there i picked up some VO5 hairspray that I'd heard good things about, £1.99 for 400ml and the VO5 backcomb spray £3.69 for 200ml. I'd seen the back combing spray on athriftymrs and can't wait to try it. I also got 2 of the Hello Kitty lipsticks in underground queen and blazin' both were £3.99. There was lots of other Hello Kitty bits including nail polish and eyeshadow pallets, which would be great for gifts, but i managed to restrain myself to just the lipsticks. 
Thought I'd add i a few pictures of my mums dogs and me too.
Action shot

Aww snuggles
Have you bought any of the Hello Kitty make up ?


  1. I love the Yardley pefumes! they look so old fashioned too :) I need me some Hello Kitty lippy!

  2. The dogs are adorable! The lipsticks look super cute. The back comb spray looks intriguing. I sometimes back comb my hair when I want big hair. xx

    1. I have used a little bit of it and found it quite good but the hairspray isn't too great. Thank you they are lovely dogs :) xx

  3. I've never seen or used any of these products before, but I've heard good things about the new V05 range. There's a free frizz free/heat protecter serum with Cosmopolitan magazine this month, and I used it yesterday and seems to be pretty good. The Hello Kitty make up looks cute, and the dogs are adorable xx

    1. the backcombing spray is alright but the hairspray is poor i knew i shouldn't have cheat don elnet! lol hello kitty is the cutest and the lipsticks are quite good not like kids makes up that slides off in 2 mins. aww thank you my mum will be so proud :) xx


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