Wednesday, 7 November 2012

November beauty box

If you read my review of my October she said beauty box you will know i was quite unimpressed by that box. I'm pleased to say this box is back to how it had previously been and this month I'm very impressed with my box.
So what did i get in this months box?

Redken smooth lock shampoo and conditioner

For this i got 2 sachets one for shampoo and one for conditioner. In a previous box i got a sample of the  colour extend radiant 10 and was really happy with that. I'm happy with these although you will only be able to use each once. But full price the shampoo and conditioner together come to around £25 so I'm not surprised the sample is just a sachet.

Andrew Barton surefix ponybands and grips

These are both full size items, so the same amount of grips are hairbands you would get if you bought them in the shops. I have tried both the hairbands are great at gripping but they have a metal section rather than being elastic all the way around and i find when they have the metal part it snags at my hair and pulls it out, so I'm not sure how often i will use these. The grips are really good and hold in place well i would buy more of these as they don't feel like they will loose grip after 1 or 2 wears like some.

Weleda rose night cream

This is a 5ml sample but you get enough in the tube for 4/5 applications. Rose is not a scent i like and i find even a mild scent overpowering so i don't like how this smells but the cream is nice and thick and left my face soft. I will use it as i don't hate it i just wouldn't buy it full size.

Make believe beauty highlighter

There were 3 possibilities that you could get from this brand, a lipgloss, a bronzer and the highlighter that i got. This item is full sized and as i don't use either bronzer or gloss i was very happy that i got this. I have used it on my cheeks the highlighter is a thick creme so a little goes a long way and give a nice shimmer. I'll be using this in the future on my checks and lids.

Yardley daisy fragrance 

This was a very small sample the kind you can get at the perfume counter. I don't actually mind the smell of this it's quite fresh and the full price for a bottle isn't very much, around £10 so a good price for a work perfume.

Murrays matchbook nail files 

Again this is a full size item, the files can be snapped off to use and the pack can be kept in you bag or desk at work to be used in a nail emergency. I never carry a nail file (although i have a proper hissy fit if i break one! ) so i will be putting these in my purse so they are with me all the time and ready to save the day.

I really love how you get the card with all the details for your goodies on and it lets you know the price of full sized items. I am really happy with this box and i can't wait for next months.
Do you subscribe to a beauty box what do you think to your box this month?


  1. Ooh I had sort of wished I got the hair bits instead of body spray but not liking the sound of the metal bits in them, I hate them too! So glad this months was a better box all round! xx

    1. I really love this box lots to use. I've even been using the rosé night cream ! Can't wait for next months now :) xx

  2. Your box looks a lot better than mine! Instead of the grips and hair bands I got a tiny can of bodyspray best suited for a 14 year old. Not too impressed with that! The highlighter looks pretty good x

    1. Its a shame we don't all get the same :( but i am much happier with this box than lasts months . The highlighter is good and you only need a tiny bit xx

  3. I don't subscribe to a beauty box as I am so darn fussy, but I look sneaking a peek into yours. I am currently a huge fan of the Redken colour protector, so assume the shampoo/conditioner will be just as lush - and you have lovely locks to test it out on. x

    1. I love that too. The shampoo smells amazing but there was only enough to do 1/3 of my hair so I can't say if its good or not :( xx


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