Friday, 8 January 2016

While I've been away

It's been quite a while since I've done any outfit post but lighting has been rubbish and the batteries in my camera need charging and to be honest charging them slips my mind until I need to use it! 
So I'm just going to share some of the outfits I've been wearing. 
These will be mirror shots and the background will probably be messy but love me love my mess :)
First up my outfit for my work Xmas party where I ended up dancing with my friend on the empty dancefloor about 20 minutes after arriving and finishing the night very drunk! I have to say this dress is beautiful but it is not made to dance the back of my legs were torn to shreds after hours of dancing. Dress was from simply be about a year ago.

Next up was an outfit I wore to my friends local pub where we intended to go for a few quiet drinks but it turned into a night on the tiles!
The jeans are Claire Richards for fashion world and the crop top and jacket are from Matalan last year.

Next was a playsuit I bought in the Simply Be sale just before Xmas and I wore it for a night out. Unfortunately the lace overlay has bubbled and in places gone like cotton wool! So I wouldn't recommend this if you like to dance around or have a bag that would rub against the fabric.

Below is a little Instagram collage I did when me and the Mr went out for his birthday/our anniversary. The top and skirt are both Simply Be about 6 months ago and the necklace was ASOS years ago.
Look how cute we look! 

And lastly here is what I wore today, the dress is about 2 years old from Simply Be and the boots I got this week from the Simply Be sale, they are fabulous! These are the extra curvy plus and a little tight when I zip them up but the feel fine when they are on.

Hope your guys are all doing well! 

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  1. You look awesome in everything- particularly the lace playsuit and the black Simply Be skirt and top. xx


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