Wednesday, 20 August 2014

You Beauty

Its that time again when i get my beauty box so i thought i would share what i got with you.

The two options that i chose this month were Rose & Co cherry kiss lip balm and Peggy Sage summer collection nail polish. So I'll start with the negative, i didn't know what colour of polish i would be getting as shades did vary from each box. I was sent tropical rose which in my opinion is a pretty awful colour. It looks like a child polish its very watery and has a sparkly finish which i think look quite cheap. This isn't something i would buy again but the point of the box is to try new things so I'm still glad i tried it.

My second choice was the lip balm. Now this is really nice is smells lightly of cherry and it really does leave you lips silky smooth. Although the balm is red this doesn't transfer onto your lips or leave your finger stained red. I would recommend this and i would buy it again.

These are my added extras that i got in the box. I got a 4 way nail buffer which always comes in handy, a sachet of instant effect face cream which claims to reduce the visibility of wrinkles, and Jimmy Choo Man and Jimmy Choo eau de parfum. Both of the Jimmy Choo samples smells lovely and the Mr was particularly taken with the aftershave.
What did you get in your beauty box this month?

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  1. I love your honesty <3 I get this box too it can be a lil hit and miss but is good value for money xx


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